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Nail Files (10 pcs) BillioNoire Beauty

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Grit: 100/180 (Round)


Our nail files are sharp, long lasting, and non bendable. Whether you're a professional, or you just like doing your nails at home, one pack of BillioNoire nail files will get the job done.

Uses for 100/180 file: If you're mainly filing your natural nails, or Gel X extensions, we recommend this grit. This is a softer grit, safer for your natural nails and gentle enough for full coverage nail tips.

Uses for 80/80 file: This grit is harsher for thicker nails, such as acrylic, soft, or hard gel. If you're focused on shaping the nail to a specific shape, this option would be best for you. We do not recommend using this grit on natural nails, as it is too harsh.

10 nail files come in each pack = 1 quantity

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