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NAIL TECH 101: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Becoming a Successful Nail Technician

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Starting my nail journey, I didn't have much guidance besides YouTube and my surroundings. I had to make my own mistakes in order to get on the right track! It has been one journey since March 2020, so I put together this 24 page e-book explaining all the secrets I discovered being a nail technician in NYC and HTX. 

If I had an e-book like this at my disposal when I first started, my sales would've been tripled! Granted I've built a beautiful clientele of about 400 people, whom which I adore! If you're considering the nail industry, save yourself a dollar from trying a million different products, a million different locations, and take my advice to win the first time around!

What's Included:

Licensing: When and how to get your beauty/nail license, the best schools in the U.S.

Teach Yourself: The most effective ways to practice at home if you can't afford hands on one-on-one classes 

Nail Tech Do's & Don'ts: All the mistakes I couldn't learn online but had to experience myself to know better for next time

Best Nail Brands & Supply List: Out of all the products I've tried over the years, here's the top ones that made my clients' sets last 6+ weeks

Locations: Best and cheapest locations to do nails if you don't want to work from home or booth rent

Top Booking Websites: 3 of my best booking websites that can get you clientele as well

Price List & Designs: Wondering how to price your work? Here I show you what makes the most sense to your pockets and clientele

Social Media Branding: This is a huge part in getting your name out there, I'll share the media that worked best for me in getting clientele.

Secret to Building/Maintaining Clientele: These are definitely HUGE gems on how I keep clients coming back for more!

Nail Business/E-Commerce: There is a lot more to the nail industry than just taking clientele, if you want to expand, here's where you start!

Balancing Your Schedule: Nails can get a bit overwhelming sometimes, here's how I managed a job and a social life on top of that

Hosting Nail Classes: When you develop your skills, there's nothing better than sharing your talents and make money while doing it

Traveling Nail Technician: Everyone loves a traveling nail technician, and you will be surprised how much money you can make in this portion of the nail industry.

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